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It all started with a Kodak 110 and lots of film developing. From the age of 10, my camera antics were well known by those around me. I laugh at some of my old shoebox photos of early attempts at making something beautiful with my camera. My favorite is using frosted glass shower doors as a "filter" by taking photos of flowers and other still objects placed on the other side of the glass. I still recall a favorite photo of the back-acre windmill from the ground level prairie grass, being used as a backdrop on our local TV weather report. What a cool thing as a young kid.

Some years and various cameras later, I continue to love the thrill of the chase to get that next great shot. Today, in addition to being a dad of a Navy Sailor, and spouse to an active-duty Naval Officer, I have developed a love for military-emphasis photography. As a result, I find myself sharing my photography interests with those around me - not just what the camera captured but the ability to provide needed funds to well-vetted non-profit organizations.

Please take time and peruse my Image Gallery and other pages of the site and reach out with any questions or to simply say hello.

Your shutter friend,

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